Since we have a reputation of being the best sea freight forwarderwe benefit our customers with a worldwide capacity, economical rates and reliable sailing to transfer your cargo where and when you desire. So whether your cargo consists of less than a container’ load or whether it is an oversized cargo with a full load of the container, our trustworthy team at Bismillah Logistics can connect the dots between ports, customs and carriers.

Since Bismillah Logistics was found in 1992, in Karachi, our team has the wealth of an experience, which is necessary for long-distance transportation.  Consequently, calling us to deal with your load will save you from overburdening your brain with worries. So,  allay your fears, as you can work with one of the most leading and reputable logistics in Pakistan and in the world.

Trucking Delivery

Air Transport

Sea Shipping


The skilled and experienced team of Bismillah Logistics has in-depth knowledge and understanding of every oversea market and the changing dynamics and specifics of many trades. Our experience will benefit you with expertise regarding factors that might influence the transit of your cargo. Some of them are listed below:

  • Overseas and local transport infrastructure.
  • Conditions at terminals.
  • Congestion and berthing delays.
  • Any procedure that might hold some relevance to you..

So irrespective that you are exporting and importing your goods, working with Bismillah Logistics will offer you a plug into a network of knowledgeable and experts. With our three head offices in Karachi, one in Lahore and one in China, we have planned numerous global routes to countless ports in a number of countries. Furthermore, we are dedicated to offering you transit time and competitive rates.


Other than our expertise and capabilities, what we are most focused on is providing unparalleled commitment to our customer care services. Therefore, we will dedicate our time and energy to understand your requirements, so that we can develop a productive and long term relationship. Similarly, we also expect you to consider us as your partners and explain your needs and requirements as much as possible.

Since at Bismillah logistics we do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ logic, we work hard to keep up with the needs of your ever-evolving business. We work endlessly to match the changes in your needs. All of this enables us to offer a tailor-made service so you can ship whatever you want and whenever you want!



Depending on the size of your load,  we can ship your cargo in both FCL and LCL.  Irrespective of the size of your container, we send your shipment from all Pakistani seaports to many other ports. Moreover, we also provide transport services to pick the packages from the factory and customs.  We make sure your cargo is delivered without a hitch to the doorstep. Also, our high-quality services come with surprisingly low rates. Since the client’s satisfaction is at the top tier of our priorities, we make sure your goods and items are reached to its accurate destination with utmost security.

If you are unsure about the container and require more information on the process, feel free to contact our customer service representatives to discuss the intricacies of the process.



It has been estimated that over 90% of the world trade transpires via sea. Goods are transported across the seas from port to port. Sea freight or ocean freight is the service provided by the transporters, so you can send and receive your goods from overseas

Our expert team at Bismillah Logistics provide proficient sea freight logistics which install your cargo in a vessel that suits your needs the best. Our sea freight services handle your logistics in a way that makes you feel confident enough to focus your attention on other more important things.
Bismillah Logistics provides its excellent and reliable services, not in Pakistan but the world over. So no matter if your cargo is coming in out of Pakistan, or whether it is an import or an export, our sea cargo services will make sure your goods reach their destination safely.



FCL (Full Container Load)

Based on carrier routing options, FCL is our best transit-time-to-cost combination product for full container loads. FCL offers complete schedule flexibility, a high frequency of sailings per port-pair, and availability of equipment.

LCL (Less Container Load)

A competitively priced consolidation product, LCL offers the highest levels of schedule integrity. Due to our freight consolidation expertise and regular worldwide connections from point to point, LCL provides you with reliable performance and a lower supply chain cost.

NCL (Non-Containerised Load)

NCL is our special product for oversized loads or those unsuitable for container loading. For more complex projects we assign a dedicated team of experts with the experience and resources to match your exact requirements.