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Our extensive experience in ocean and air Freight Forwarding Services In Pakistan has enabled us to combine the global coverage, which is provided by our sub-hub or hub, along with an excellent road network.  All of these factors combined to form a solid foundation, which forms the basis of Supply Chains and Management.

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Freight Forwarding in Pakistan

Freight forwarding is basically acting on the behalf of exporters and importers and making sure the goods are transferred efficiently and cost-effectively to their destination. The job of freight forwarders in Pakistan is to organize decent transport for the goods, so they can be delivered safely.
The freight forwarding services do not require you to manhandle the goods, but rather, they act as a specialist in the supply chains of the company. Bismillah Logistics freight forwarding company is a leading organization in Pakistan and it acts as a  ‘carrier’, which takes freight for transport and makes sure the goods of its customers are transported to its destination as safely as possible.

Freight Forwarding Services In Pakistan We are an expert in the preparation and processing of customs and various other documents. Furthermore, We perform activities that pertain to imports and exports of international shipments. Our company is also famous for being a non-vessel operating common carrier.
With customized services provided by Bismillah logistics, you can conveniently manage your shipments. With us, you can feel confident while transporting your goods despite their size, point of origin, and destination. We provide air freight forwarders, as well as sea freight forwarders.

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Our logistics team works day and night to create smarter and better ways to solve your requirements.  The unshakeable belief of our team that nothing is impossible has made us one of the best logistic companies in the country and the same belief has been responsible for our constant improvements.



Through the most suitable mode of Freight Forwarding Services In Pakistan, we offer you multiple services that you are allowed to take individually, or in an affordable price package :

Ocean freight forwarding.

Freight Solutions.

Airfreight forwarding.

Project cargo and management of bulky cargo.

Bill of lading preparation.

Freight forwarding.

Inland trucking.



Electronic filing

of electronic export and its preparation.

Shipment Monitoring.

Consolidation, preparation

and forwarding of export documentation.

Booking of shipment.

We not only have a long list of services,  we are also trusted by our customers to transport their valuables. Therefore, contact us if you are wondering how to move your goods with efficiency and security.  Since fathers of Bismillah Logistics established it as early as 1992, our team members have a wide range of experience under their belt to ensure your goods are transported to their destination with extra care.


In the last 30 years, we progressed enough to be able to establish our three head offices in Karachi, and one branch in Lahore, and another in China. Since now we provide the service on a global level, it is vital for our customers to take us in their complete confidence and explain the services that they are most inclined to take. Feel free to explain your storage and transportation needs and select your requirements regarding the warehouse.
We believe in a customer-forwarder friendship, therefore, if you have queries regarding other aspects, show no hesitation and contact us at your early convenience. We understand and acknowledge that every customer is unique and has different preferences. Depending upon the intended application, the expectations of customers vary from one to and another.
Provides a wide range of Logistics services. So whether your company is multinational or whether you have a small enterprise, we are at your service to make everything easier for you.
Our staff comprises experts, with years of experience in serving the markets on a global level. With your one call, We can handle and transport your goods irrespective of their size.

So, whether you need Freight Forwarding Services In Pakistan, freight documentation, freight consolidation, or warehousing, we will provide you with all. We deliver the goods on doors and we make it as simple for you as possible. Our team of logistics is even equipped to deliver your full container load to shipments and beyond.